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Jan. 27th, 2012 08:56 pm
nightwind_benz: (zoom)
wound up somewhere weird

back in the weird place. Met somebody dead.

hungry :(

talked to a human in the Nexus

trying to get fuel

nearly went into stasis lock

saw that human guy at Zeeter's

talked to a pink Bulk

other Minicons came to Zeeter's, and I went home with them

when I finally stopped sleeping every time I had energon

Worked on the thing I found and talked to Incinerator

How can anyone not see the point of racing??

Went to Zeeter's to let RJ know I'm staying on Cybertron

Thunderclash's girlfriend is scary

talked to Thunderclash and stuff

met a guy named Roots in the Nexus

In the Nexus with Bender and Fritz, asking a question

In the Nexus with Bender and Fritz, fixing a broken Bulk

got kidnapped!

back in the Nexus. Met an Ironhide

somewhere new. Offered to fix a Bulk who was leaking.

Thunderclash found us! Everyeone's alright! ...Except for Thunderclash....

racing in the Nexus

told a human in the Nexus about the most memorable challenges I ever took on

Bender's gone

quick parts run to the Nexus

went to pay Bender's tab, and tell the guys.

finished Nightwish's shell!

got grabbed by a Starscream and had a flashback (further down the thread)

helped Hormah fix somebody who got EMPd

answered a Nexus question

Just hanging around in the Nexus

accidentally wound up in the dressing room, and met a mech named Blitzwing

answered a question about what I'd do if I had a week to live


met a human girl in the dressing room

Hormah helped me ask a question in the Nexus

with Bender, Squall, Fritz and the Carrier in the Nexus

Bender answered a Nexus question about crazy relatives

talked about speed with a human in the Nexus

answered a question about being insane and lying

did I ever forget something really important? Or something I'd never think I'd forget?

talked to somebody Hormah said was named Telrim after we stopped a guy from combat kissing her

Bender, Squall, and I moved the Carrier to a ship called the Lost Light.

Bender and I found a lady to take care of his friend Bill.

I helped repair zombie Optimus.